Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Gulf Movement is a Joke

  There are some great people in the Gulf movement that have done some real good for people. There are REAL warriors, who stayed focused on the mission, adapted when they needed to, didn’t just post on Facebook, and did not sacrifice their integrity in search of fame or money. These people continue to fight for the Gulf and tell the truth without regard for public perception. This is not about those people.

  But the truth is the movement itself is a joke.  I have every right to say this. I am a born and raised Gulf Coast resident. I was fighting The Powers That Be before the rig blew and I fought as hard as anyone for the Gulf when it happened. Along the way I got to know many of the “leaders” in the movement.  I helped them in every way I could and considered some of them to be my friends.

  But from the very beginning I stood against anyone selling out or using this cause for personal gain. Some of the same people I helped become popular had to be called out later.

  When I realized Gregg Hall was just using my page to promote himself and milk people for money, I removed him as an admin. I was attacked for calling him out, but I believed that water tests were more important than his rent.  We couldn’t test the seafood and this man refused to get a job and wanted the fans of my page to cover his bills. I was the bad guy and the little cult that forms around these “celebrities” came after me, but I know I did the right thing and time proved me right. Many people now know what I said then was true.

  What was sad, EVERY Gulf leader said the same things about him to me in private, but when they saw what happened to me, they refused to speak up.

  I really like John Wathen, but I refuse to take money from Rockefeller and I will not support any group that does. John got pissed when I said something about it. He said Rockefeller was a “good guy” and he was “proud to take money from him”. He is clearly NOT a good guy and anyone with a computer and a little common sense can figure that out and that is blood money.

  I helped Cherri Foytlin and Drew Landry promote that Walk to Washington the whole time until I realized they were walking the Gulf people into a trap. Cherri spoke at a Power Shift rally and agreed to let them fly her out to speak at more. Power Shift is a complete globalist scam to push a Carbon Tax and pass more draconian laws. I PROVED it was DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO AGENDA 21! I called and talked to Cherri, sent her links, I did everything I could to get her to look at who she was promoting, but she didn’t care. She is “Facebook Famous” now, who cares if she helps destroy her country?

  I helped Kindra Arnesen every time she asked me and even times she didn’t. Kindra wouldn’t have even gone to DC if I hadn’t worked it out and many people know that to be the truth. I pushed every group and idea she wanted me to, raised money for her, gave her a shoulder to cry on, I even got Cowboy Mouth and Dash Rip Rock to agree to do a free show to help her raise money. But some people lose touch when they get a little attention.

  When I realized that Ian Crane had uncovered the smoking gun of the Gulf disaster, Robert Kaluza, I called Kindra and told her about it. First, she was “too busy” to talk to the OIL EXPERT who found THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the Gulf and then told me she would have to be careful what she said because she was going to be on a committee.   

  I have come to realize Kindra has many faces. She has repeatedly told me one thing and then told someone else a completely different story. She told me for a YEAR that she wasn’t shrimping or fishing, then she came on the radio with me and was complaining about the lack of fish they were catching.  

How can you call someone a “Gulf Leader” who is SELLING PEOPLE TOXIC SEAFOOD? Sometimes people sell out, just look at Billy!

  Karen “Hellbent” Mayer Hopkins bragged about how God told her to be a Senator while she was lobbying to be able to sell tainted seafood. Need I say more about this wacko?

  The reason the Gulf movement is a joke is very simple, just because you don’t like oil on the beach doesn’t mean you understand how the government and corporations work. Just because you make a Facebook page doesn’t mean you are a Gulf activist.

  These people CONTINUE to show how IGNORANT they truly are by ignoring the evidence against Robert Kaluza and refusing to talk about him or focus on him. There is no question of prior knowledge, the stock dumps by Goldman Sachs and the acquisition of Boots and Coots prove that is true.

  That evidence, combined with the placement of the inexperienced Robert Kaluza on the rig is a serious problem that has not been addressed. This was a crucial point in the drilling process and Kaluza is the one who made all the dangerous decisions that led to the disaster. Who is this man and why has his face been wiped off the internet?

  Why do people who call themselves “leaders” continue to ignore the biggest single piece of evidence that can help their cause? Because, some of these people are fakes and some can be bought off with a plane ticket and a YouTube video. It happens in every movement, why should the Gulf be any different? Research COINTELPRO and stop worshiping people because they made a YouTube video.

  I can sum it up with what a former friend wrote to me a couple days ago:

 You can try to take down all those politicians and corporate figures, good's going to be a very LONG battle, and it'll take a lot of people and lots of money to make the slightest impact.”

  This was a person that helped me run Boycott Bp. Do you see why this movement is a joke? What the hell are we doing if NOT fighting the corporations and politicians poisoning us? They think they can hold hands on the beach or write a letter to Congress and things will change. They want to be called activists, but don’t have the guts or brains to TRULY be one.

  I don’t care what these people think about me, because I have decided to bring the Gulf fight into the truth movement and show people who are ALREADY awake about Robert Kaluza. I got more people in ONE DAY to look at Kaluza, than every Gulf leader combined in a year!!

  For those of you who fight the good fight and do it with integrity, I wish you well. You are surrounded by sheeple and paid shills and they are going to fight you every step of the way. The rest of you can kiss my white ass!

  Here is a link to information about Robert Kaluza for those of you willing to look and learn:

Have a great day!


  1. Rick, Ricky, Ricky boy! Did you not ever consider that I formed my little Senate page purely for your enjoyment? I wanted to see just HOW MUCH research you put into something before you jump on a soap box and begin calling women cunts and attempting to trash their names. Just because you have a blog doesn't make you a writer and just because you can copy and paste does not make you an activist or even anyone worth knowing. Your dubious descriptions of others mirror precisely how we feel about you. You, sir are an embarrassment to the Gulf Coast citizens. I suggest you go back up North and get some radiation therapy.

    Karen Mayer Hopkins

  2. Rick, perhaps you should listen to this song and take it to heart, if you have one.

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  4. It's true. There is no "gulf movement." There is for the most part a very strong anti-movement, and there are many anti-activists who have deluded themselves and others into believing they're activists. There are far too many pathologicals--a number of advanced-stage alcoholics/drug abusers, borderline personalities, narcissists, etc.-- posing as activists, and conscious and unconscious agents/operatives working directly or indirectly on behalf of the government and BP. Someone said a while back that "activism isn't a social club." That's true. It's not about trying to be most popular, as in high school. What is necessary to be an effective activist? Few of the activists who popped up overnight after April 20 of 2010 even asked themselves that.

  5. Delia, I can not think of one person that you have NOT called an alcoholic, drug abuser, etc. when they don't absolutely fall at your feet. It appears that everyone you come into contact with gets burned by your venom. If you know so much about this world and the definition of true activism, that's great. However, true activism does not mean pointing the finger at everyone and anyone who does not agree with your methods. You are a hypocrite and a hate monger, yet you accuse me of these. You posted a confidential conversation between the two of us but left out the part where you began the manipulations. You have people filing defamation suits against your sister and it won't be long before they're filed against you as well. You can create all your little groups/personas, but we know who and where you are and what you stand for. I took you into my home once and have never once felt regret for that. I actually enjoyed your company then. I really believed that we would be good friends, but can't imagine why you would turn on me the way you did. Is it because I wouldn't buy Rick's particular brand of hatred? Perhaps you, dear Delia are mirroring you pathologies on others so that you can live with yourself. How miserable are you?

  6. Perhaps you, dear Delia are mirroring you pathologies on others so that you can live with yourself. How miserable are you?

    SHOULD READ: "Perhaps you, dear Delia are mirroring your pathologies onto others so that you can live with yourself. How miserable are you?"

  7. "Poor Karen" I like how you ignore the FACT I had never heard a word about you or had a thing to do with you until I saw you and your puppet Brandi attacking Michelle Nix and myself and lying about how we were scared to let you on the show. Or how you formed a hate group about Michelle and myself. Tell me Karen, did God tell you to do that Maybe you should ignore those voices in your head because I'm pretty sure it's not God. I like how you are pretending that was a joke, doubt as many people are going to buy that as you hope.

    Keep ignoring the facts. Doesn't change a thing. The fact that you idiots are calling Kaluza a "conspiracy theory" when the whole damn thing is sourced just proves my point. Keep playing the victim Karen. You morons call me a stalker when these goons were copying my friends list, writing them, making fake profiles to get onto my page?

    Then you call ME COINTELPRO? You morons had never even HEARD of COINTELPRO before me! I'm the one guy NOT pushing a globalist funded group, NOT taking money from Rockefeller, and NOT selling seafood or pushing to drill in the Gulf.

    Like I said, the movement is full of sheeple and shills and is a JOKE!!

  8. Anonymous, you have it all wrong, again. We called that "radio show" a "Nix and Frye" love fest simply because You, Nix and your ass puppet, CJ the Drunken Idiot, were allowed to ride rough shod over what testimony Ian Crane would have been able to give! Also, make no mistake, Brandi Gascon is NOBODY'S PUPPET. She has more intelligence, class and common sense in her big toe that I've witnessed from the whole of you. You guys kept going back in time to "what you had done", "what Nix had done" and "what CJ thinks he's done". Yes, I was either on hold or trying to get through to the show for better portion of it, waiting my turn to speak. Even as Ian Crane was presented to us the three of you hardly gave the man the opportunity to speak. I never called you a cunt. I never called you an asshole or even stupid, nor did I tell you to go fuck yourself. BUT I WILL NOW. YOU took it upon YOURSELF to dig your grave even deeper that it already was! YOU began slinging names around at US because we had the balls to speak out regarding separating the wheat from the chaff being a totally bogus name for what really happened on that "show". I have never referred to you as "cointelpro". Don't give a flaming fuck what you are. Never heard of you either until you showed up at the rally in DC, which NOBODY attended, I might say. Now you say that my page was NOT a joke? LOL! Some lunatic out there set you up with a page to run for Congress! NOW IF THAT WASN'T A JOKE, THEN SOMEONE OUT THERE NEEDS SERIOUS PSYCHIATRIC ATTENTION! There were 6 people on that page! THAT'S WHY I OPENED THAT PAGE FOR SENATE, you self absorbed asshole! As for seafood, yes, I've WORKED IN THE SEAFOOD INDUSTRY FOR nearly 8 years. I'm very outspoken about NOT EATING IT and I'm THE FIRST to tell everyone that it's dangerous. I DON'T EAT THE SHIT EITHER! Do you really think that I believe God told me to do that? That's another thing I did to get under your skin. Just to show the people that you jump onto ANYTHING that you believe you can get attention from. I HAVE TO WORK TO SURVIVE, RICK. Would you have me spend my days BEGGING FOR MONEY ON FACEBOOK, as you've condemned others for doing? Dude, get a life and get the fuck out of mine. I've really grown tired of playing your juvenile games and watching you pound your Tweety Bird chest singing your "I did" song. Oh, by the way, what is it that YOU DO to put food on YOUR family's table, Rick? I'm sure if we dig enough, whatever it is, we will be able to find SOMETHING counterproductive to "THE CAUSE" IN IT. So, in closing, go fuck yourself you stupid cunt.

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  10. 14 people are being thoroughly entertained.

  11. Go to the 72:00 mark and listen to Kindra refer to "our buyers" while she downplays fish lesions and if its even toxic. At the 74:00 she says normally WE go out. 75:00 mark she talks about the toxic shrimp her husband is selling while complaining about the lack of fish. But notice she complains about a huge lack of fish and at the 76:20 mark she talks about them lying and covering up all the dead fish.

    So, who is the REAL bad guy? I might have called your ignorant ass a cunt Karen, which you are, but at least I'm not killing anyone!

    Karen you are not worth the time. You people are pathetic

  12. I'm a handyman, go ahead and dig all you want. I don't sell seafood, I don't take donations, and I have never asked for a dime. I don't work on the beach or even go to it anymore.

  13. Sorry...did you say something Karen?

  14. Also, Karen, just to expose one more of your lies....Ian Crane wasn't even on that show. He was on the one the week after. So, your lies about how we "talked over him" are pretty easy to expose SINCE HE WASN'T EVEN ON THE SHOW WITH CJ!

    Not only that, we took quite a bit of time to thank the people that helped, you just got butthurt it wasn't about you. Too sad...

  15. Delete my comments and live in your constant state of insecurity, Rick. As soon as I comment, the screen shots are taken for all to see. And guess, what.........the world is laughing at you. You're not even man enough to allow both sides of this distortion of the truth as created by yourself to be told. What a eunuch you've turned out to be. LOL!

  16. No, I just know you are a fucking stalker bitch that has wasted enough of my time. I don't want to see you face or listen to another second of your bullshit. Go tell it to the voices in your head wackjob!

  17. Take a screen shot of this:

    Who is this nut? Karen Mayer Hopkins
    Dean Blanchard Seafood
    Gulf Change

    Well, look at this:

  18. Gulf Change also supports drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. What a "change"!


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