Saturday, April 23, 2011

Know Your Enemy: Power Shift is a scam!




"For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." - David Rockefeller, Sr

  This is not an attack on anyone. I am going to share all the information I have and you can take it how you want. This is just fair warning.

  I understand the frustration many of you feel after what we have gone through in the last year. Many of you have just learned how corrupt our government is and how the media covers up the truth. You have seen the evils of a big corporation covering its ass and how much power they truly have over our lives.

  I know after being ignored for so long we are desperate to get the story of the Gulf out, but if you do not understand the bigger picture, you will become part of the problem.

This article explains some of the reasons for Rockefeller philanthropy:

Power Shift is funded by David Rockefeller:

Bridge the Gulf is funded by David Rockefeller:

  Power Shift is an oxymoron, because the same people will stay in power and a Rockefeller bridge is a bridge to nowhere.

 If you tried to bring a Rockefeller funded group into other real movements you would lose all credibility. I am not saying the people in the movement are not credible. I love some of those people and I warn them out of love. I understand there are great people doing the ground work in both of those groups and I do not doubt their heart or sincerity, but there are more sinister reasons behind the funding of these movements than just avoiding taxes.

  What you think is an even trade off, is really you giving our political power to one of the most evil men in history. Rockefeller is a traitor to this country and the human race.

Have you met dark lord Rockefeller? One of my heroes Aaron Russo did, R.I.P Aaron:

THIS is the TRUE Rockefeller Green Agenda:

  I won’t even get into the Rothschild stuff. I’m going to tell you a lot of different information and if you are smart, you will research what I’m talking about. Some of you will not have the courage, but as I have said all along, I am not looking for you. I understand Cognitive Dissonance will cause some of this to fall on deaf ears. I seek those that seek all truth and have the guts to tell others.

Some of you don’t understand the game.

  You CANNOT have a grassroots movement when Al Gore and Lisa Jackson are the speakers. The FIRST thing you need to do is wake up to the reality of the world you live in.

Stop wasting your time on politicians and TV news.

You will NEVER out lobby major corporations and THEY OWN THE NEWS!

  If you REALLY want to change things you better get ready to research, because if you don’t understand how all these thing tie together, we will never be able to stop these people. The key is educating the public to the plan. It’s easier now because they don’t hide it anymore. The plan is simple, they want you dead. No, I’m not being dramatic or paranoid, they think we are useless eaters and they want us gone or under control. It sounds crazy until you study them and their open talks of depopulation. If you want to stop them you need to wake people up.

  The BEST way to wake up or wake someone else up is to understand 9/11. If you do not TRULY understand 9/11, you do not understand our world. Every war we start, every life we lose, ever liberty that disappears, every dollar we waste, is excused by that lie.

9/11 Truth is still the answer to the puzzle.

 It is the best evidence of a secret cabal that has control we never dared imagine. By exposing those people, with that clear evidence, every good movement in the world would have a fighting chance! Once people wake up to what happened, they never look at the world the same again.

Here are some great documentaries if you would like to learn more:

Zeitgeist 9/11- A good starter. Only 20 minutes but touches all the bases.

9/11 revisited-A calculated scientific look at 9/11

Loose Change-Final Cut-Almost completely made from news footage, interviews, and testimony

9/11 Mysteries-A simpler but deeper look.
  I’m not telling you to become a Truther, I am saying if you want to stop the “man”, YOU need to understand what happened and how they covered it up. 9/11 was a complicated event and I don’t claim to have every answer, but it is clear this was bigger than a guy in a cave.

  There are powerful groups that manipulate public opinion and are pulling the strings in our world. These are a few branches of the same tree:

The Council on Foreign Relations (Founder David Rockefeller)

The Trilateral Commission(Founder David Rockefeller)

The Bilderberg Group

  The idea that we elect a president is wrong on many levels. Many people who took part in the Ron Paul campaign in 2008 learned these lessons, much like many of you Gulf activists have learned yours.

First, DieBold machines are hackable:

It’s not the vote that counts, it’s who counts the votes. I think Stalin said that.

The two puppets that are paraded in front of you as choices are controlled members of the same team. This was never more evident than the Bush/Kerry election. Two Skull and Bones cousins pretending to battle:

I knew Obama would win when I found out that he was Cheney’s cousin:

It was a lock when his puppet master was identified:

   Some people would argue that we are all related, sure, if you went back to Eve. But, these are verifiable links to powerful families throughout history. These people are chosen. I have said from the start Bush/Obama was just a globalist bad cop/good cop. When there is a true people’s favorite like Ron Paul, they silence him in every way.

Just some proof on that in case you doubt me, they have already started again!:

We had to do these money bombs to make the media cover him. All we did was break records! This was back before the Tea Party was infiltrated and destroyed by the elite. It STARTED over Ron Paul and we aren’t racists:

Here are some things that are very important and you may not know:

The Carbon Tax is not about pollution, it’s about control:

Do you understand that the Federal Reserve is not a federal institution, but the same bankers that screw us everyday? The dollar will collapse soon and anyone that tells you otherwise is wrong:

Are you aware that the reason they put Fluoride in the water is not to help your teeth, but for the same reasons that Stalin and Hitler liked it?:

Did you know that we use weapons of mass destruction everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan…..oh sorry…don’t forget our new war in Libya!:

Do you realize that they have been spraying us for years, long before Corexit?:

Do you know what Monsanto is doing to our food supply?:

Ever heard of Rex 84?:

Do you care that the Patriot Act has destroyed the Constitution

Are you going to take your microchip when they demand it?:

Have you ever studied the North American Union?:

  If I had time, I would show you the Rockefeller ties to each of those subjects. You are smart people, you can find them. Hell, you can tie Rockefeller to the takeover of school textbook companies if you care to look.

  Do you still think this is just about some dead sea turtles, localized economic struggles, and future cancer? We are all their targets. Look at me, I got my daughter out of the Gulf and we are getting radiated less than a year later.


  We have only one weapon, knowledge. The more people you wake up, the bigger our army. I don’t mean wake up to crap in the water, I mean WAKE THEM UP! But that means you are going to have to get the courage to tell ALL truth, not just what makes people like a stupid page. What you are fighting against is the most powerful propaganda machine in the history of man. Either go all in or stick to Farmville.

 What do you have to lose? Facebook friends? Credibility in the media? There is no credibility in the media. The reason my page broke so many big stories, is because I started out assuming everything I was hearing was lies and went from there. More often than not, I was right. Facebook? They will wipe out all your pages when it is time. I promise you that!

  They are poisoning us, destroying our country, killing our future, and you want to ask the master for a different colored chain? Don’t worry about getting on a list, chances are good, you are already on one. Tell the whole truth, we need big picture people.

  Take Ian Crane, he has one of the best presentations on the Gulf while including big picture aspects and most of you are too scared to post his information. Why? Because, he says things your sheeple followers think are “conspiracy theories”. Be a damn leader! Wake them up and let the losers leave if they want. FIND THE FIGHTERS AND SHOW THEM THE TRUTH! That is who you need, not these lazy followers that have never taken the time to look at the information and never get off their ass and do anything anyway. If you can post the same dead sea turtle 15 times, you can post hard questions about what happened on the rig and what is really in our water!

Ian Crane in Stockholm:

  Stop censoring your information to please people. I never agreed with every post I made on Boycott BP, but I always felt in a world full of lies the best thing was to put out everything I could find and allow people to make up their own minds what to believe.

 I’ve said my peace. Rockefeller was our enemy before the rig blew and he will remain mine no matter how much money he throws at this movement. Make no mistake; he has declared war on you. I love my Gulf people, but I know my enemy.

P.S. BUY LOTS OF SALT! Trust me! (First person who can answer why gets 10 points lol!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why should I trust the EPA when they lie about everything else?

This is just a way for me to store information and share it with my friends. Feel free to share if you like.

Why should I trust the EPA?

We know after the smoke cleared on 9/11, much of it was toxic and went into the lungs of the first responders. Many of them are dying or have already died as a result. The EPA knew the air was toxic and covered it up.

When I realized they were spraying the Gulf with Corexit and nothing would be done to stop it, I left to protect my young daughter. It has almost been a year since the rig blew and BP is spending a lot of money to convince people the Gulf is all cleaned up and everything is fine.

 However, if you take the time to look at this information, you will see why they are lying and the EPA cannot be trusted about the Gulf or the radiation coming from Japan.

Dead fish have been dying along the Gulf and East Coast since the rig blew and it continues to be treated by corporate media as isolated incidents and not the pattern of the poisoning of the Gulf Stream it really represents. In no particular order:

 Sea Turtle Deaths in Mississippi:

Fish in Jacksonville:

Delaware Bay:

Jersey Shore:

Everyday new dolphin deaths:

This is a bigger problem than it appears:

Why is the Obama administration trying to hide all the dead dolphins?

Maybe because the Coast Guard was working for BP:

People are already beginning to file lawsuits claiming health damages as a result of the chemicals:

One of many:

What about Orange Beach?

My friend John Wathen has done some great but disturbing work:

Some doctors speak out:

What happened when the news tested the water?

What do they do? They give the guys that make the mess and poison us awards and bonuses:

What is in Corexit?

Even when the EPA does do something, they still do nothing:

They are saying everything is fine and the food is safe to eat:

But BP paid these scientists off last year:

A little WikiLeaksJ

Now they want me to believe them about radiation?

They are already finding radiation in milk:

How is this rain safe?

Radioactive water leaking into the ocean:

How long are we supposed to believe this is just smoke?

We are destroying our oceans:

You can eat all the Gulf Shrimp and raw sushi you want:

After all, I’m sure they are doing something scientific to make sure we are safe…you know…like this smell test:

All our technology…and you are left with a guy sniffing fish to determine if you can eat it. Feel free to trust the government and the media. They would never lie to you.

God Bless the men in Japan who are sacrificing their lives to stop this and the people like this man living through this nightmare. God help us all.

Here are some different sites that cover natural ways to protect you from radiation. I don’t know what works or doesn’t, I’m just trying to give you a hand. I always feel better when I can at least prepare, I don’t feel so out of control.