Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why should I trust the EPA when they lie about everything else?

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Why should I trust the EPA?

We know after the smoke cleared on 9/11, much of it was toxic and went into the lungs of the first responders. Many of them are dying or have already died as a result. The EPA knew the air was toxic and covered it up.

When I realized they were spraying the Gulf with Corexit and nothing would be done to stop it, I left to protect my young daughter. It has almost been a year since the rig blew and BP is spending a lot of money to convince people the Gulf is all cleaned up and everything is fine.

 However, if you take the time to look at this information, you will see why they are lying and the EPA cannot be trusted about the Gulf or the radiation coming from Japan.

Dead fish have been dying along the Gulf and East Coast since the rig blew and it continues to be treated by corporate media as isolated incidents and not the pattern of the poisoning of the Gulf Stream it really represents. In no particular order:

 Sea Turtle Deaths in Mississippi:

Fish in Jacksonville:

Delaware Bay:

Jersey Shore:

Everyday new dolphin deaths:

This is a bigger problem than it appears:

Why is the Obama administration trying to hide all the dead dolphins?

Maybe because the Coast Guard was working for BP:

People are already beginning to file lawsuits claiming health damages as a result of the chemicals:

One of many:

What about Orange Beach?

My friend John Wathen has done some great but disturbing work:

Some doctors speak out:

What happened when the news tested the water?

What do they do? They give the guys that make the mess and poison us awards and bonuses:

What is in Corexit?

Even when the EPA does do something, they still do nothing:

They are saying everything is fine and the food is safe to eat:

But BP paid these scientists off last year:

A little WikiLeaksJ

Now they want me to believe them about radiation?

They are already finding radiation in milk:

How is this rain safe?

Radioactive water leaking into the ocean:

How long are we supposed to believe this is just smoke?

We are destroying our oceans:

You can eat all the Gulf Shrimp and raw sushi you want:

After all, I’m sure they are doing something scientific to make sure we are safe…you know…like this smell test:

All our technology…and you are left with a guy sniffing fish to determine if you can eat it. Feel free to trust the government and the media. They would never lie to you.

God Bless the men in Japan who are sacrificing their lives to stop this and the people like this man living through this nightmare. God help us all.

Here are some different sites that cover natural ways to protect you from radiation. I don’t know what works or doesn’t, I’m just trying to give you a hand. I always feel better when I can at least prepare, I don’t feel so out of control.

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